January News Bulletin

Happy Festive Season and New Year to all our members and supporters.

Thank you for your support and interest of the past year. We hope you will enjoy our little video celebrating 2014

[vc_video link=’http://youtu.be/n1gyt82Yl4M’]

Our programme for 2015 gets off to a lively start.

Here are some dates for your diary.

The Cafe will open again on Monday the 5th of January, and the Craft Shop in the middle of February.


  • FRIDAY THE 16TH JANUARY AT 7.30PM – Wendy Carle Taylor, accompanied by Graham MacDonald on keyboard and Sandy Butler on guitar and banjo, will perform a programme of song and music. Wendy is acclaimed for her sensitive interpretation of songs ranging from jazz to folk. Expect a wonderfully varied night including some from our national poet, Robert Burns. Tickets are available on our website or from the cafe at 4 West Street. Please note that this concert is in the Music Hub, Bellman’s Road, Penicuik and is being produced in association with Penicuik Folk Club and Penicuik High School.
  • FRIDAY 27TH FEBRUARY AT 7.30PM – we are being entertained by a barbershop quartet. The friends all met as part of a larger choir specialising in close harmony singing. It will be a fun evening so note the date. More details will be available in our next e- bulletin



          There will be some refreshments at the openings and all are most welcome to come.


Several groups meet regularly in the Arts Centre:
  • LEARN POETRY BY HEART. This class meets regularly on a Monday evening led by Colum Beagan to learn and recite poetry from heart. This exercise helps train the memory, aids an understanding of the poetry and is fun.  For more details contact Column at columbeagan@gmail.com
  • KNITTING GROUP.  This is a new group meeting on Wednesday mornings starting on the 14th of January from 10.00am till 12 noon. Come and relax around the fire and exchange ideas and patterns. We expect that this group interest may expand to consider spinning and weaving  For more information contact Doreen on  marsh@scottishfibres.com
  • ARTSPARKS – Art classes for children evry Friday afternoon. P1 -P7 MEET FROM 1.30PM TILL 2.30PM and P6 – S5 meet from 2.40pm till 3.40pm. Classes are taken by Alison Tait and cost £4 per week. For further information contact Alison on 07981 368611.
  • “LET’S HEAR YOUR VOICE” reading for the radio in “The Spoken Word Spot” is a new initiative in conjunction with CRYSTAL FM to give the people of Penicuik a voice and to help improve the confidence of participants. Extensive details are available on our website at www.penicuikarts.org/the-spoken-word


If you have any ideas for a class you would like to start don’t be shy. Let us know and we may be able to help you set it up.
For room hire contact Sheena Stewart in the cafe at 4 West Street, at sheena.stewart74@googlemail.comor by telephone on 01968 672583
For more information about Arts Association Activities please follow us on faceboook (one does not need to sign up to facebook to see and enjoy our photo stream!) and twitter


Hootenanny 2014

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Recorded by Crystal FM and aired on Christmas Day

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