Silence, Awareness, Existence

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This is an exhibition of collage work by local artist, Emily Beckman

Emily holds a Masters Degree in Art and Design (MA ADAPT: Art & Design, Advanced Practice and Theories: Fine Art), and has exhibited internationally, including several solo exhibitions of installation art.

Collage-making is used by the artist to develop visual plans for installations. In 2011, the artist began developing the collages as artworks in their own right with The ArtHouse Coop’s Sketch Book Project. This book of collages formed a workshop for The Drawing Room Project at The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, and is now held for loan and digitally in Brooklyn Library, U.S.A.

The creation of the collages is a physically active process. The gestures and decisions used are intuitive…and deliberately so. The artist actively engages in meditative and mindful practices to achieve states of ‘flow’*.

The collages are multidirectional because they are built up from every angle. There is no traditional central-point-of-focus, instead the composition is dispersed across the surface to create a ‘soft-gaze’ where the entire image demands equal attention. Illusions of depth are played with by interrupting visual devices of perspective, using blunt flat shapes to bring attention back to the two-dimensional reality of the artwork.

Due to the artist’s strong interest in the mind/ body connection, in 2015, Beckmann was selected, by ASCUS Art & Science, to attend The International Festival of Neuroscience as Guest Artist. The lectures by the world’s leading researchers continue to influence and inform Beckmann’s artistic practice.

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