Penfest 2020 “Bright and Beautiful” Gallery

Eventually, this exhibition will be on view in St James the Less Church Hall (“up the lane”) when we can safely welcome visitors to view the art in real life, hopefully with complimentary refreshments! Meanwhile, please scroll down to view the whole exhibition online!

(Please note, many of the paintings are in glass-fronted frames, so the images below may show a little bit of reflection – though we tried hard to minimise it.)

Dave Owen

1. Red door, Culross (Acrylic on canvas)
2. Lane to Staithes harbour (Acrylic on canvas)
3. Stepping Stones (Acrylic on canvas)
4. Blue door, Culross (Acrylic on canvas)
5. Rocks on Mull (Acrylic on canvas)
6.White bridge (Acrylic on canvas)
7. Reflections with damsel fly (Acrylic on canvas)
8.Reflections with reeds (Acrylic on canvas)
9. On the beach (Acrylic on canvas)

Jill Drought

10. Knoydart, the Sound of Sleat (Watercolour)

11. The Cuillins (Watercolour)

12. Avocet (Watercolour)

13. Lochinver (Watercolour)

14. Wren (Watercolour)

15. Loch Insh (Watercolour)

16. Lone tree in the Highlands (Watercolour)

17. Torridon Hills (Watercolour)

18. Loch Tuvvet (Watercolour)

19. Advocates Close (Watercolour)

20. Mull (Watercolour)

21. Mull (Watercolour)

Nikkie Dickson

22. Poppy field (Watercolour from photograph)

23. My daughter (Acrylic)

24. Tree Imagination (Acrylic)

25. Snow covered Pentlands (Acrylic)

26. The Tower on Penicuik Estate (Watercolour)

27. Carnethy Hill (Acrylic)

Eric Powell (1886 – 1933)

Eric Powell was Jill Drought’s great uncle. He was an art master at Eton College, a pilot in the first world war, and awarded the OBE. In 1908 he won an Olympic Bronze Medal for rowing, and he died in a mountain climbing accident in 1933. None of his paintings have titles, and all are water colours. Many of his paintings depict the area around North Berwick.


Leonard Powell (1856 – 1939)

Leonard Powell was Jill Drought’s Great Great Uncle. He was a barrister in London and often visited his brother, a retired rector, in North Berwick. Again, all paintings are watercolours.


Jim McCrae

Jim McCrae makes beautiful wood-turned items. Please scroll through the slide show below to view his work. A description of each slide is below – you can orient yourself by finding the title page, and going forward from there.

1. Title Page for Penfest 2020 – Wood Turning by Jim McCrae
2. Wooden Heart made from 60+ individual pieces of hardwood
3. A collection of yew bowls
4. Black walnut bowl
5. Natural edged bowl in locally collected spalted beech
6. The “Lucky Penny” elm box
7. Yew box
8. Oak box
9. Christmas Tree Ornaments
10. Christmas Choristers
11. Christmas Snowmen
12. “Cotton Reel” tealight holders
13. Lighthouse ornament in sapele, ash and beech
14. Miners Lamps in yew
15. Knight’s Law Tower, using yew from Penicuik Estate
16. The “Kintsugi” bowl in beech
17. Natural edge beech bowl
18. The Pencil Bowl – made from more than 250 coloured pencils!

We hope you have enjoyed this exhibition. If you can, we would welcome donations to help West Street Arts Centre, so that more live exhibitions, concerts and other events can be offered to Penicuik’s people.

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