Penfest 2016 3rd – 11th Sept

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This year Aine Divine RSW will judge who will receive the Penicuik Turner Prize for the best work in the Annual Open Art Exhibition

The prize will be judged and awarded on Sunday the 11th September between 2.00pm and 4.00pm.

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Welcome to Penfest 2016: a week of events celebrating all the arts in Penicuik and district.

A full timetable of events can be seen here



Works for the Annual Exhibition will be accepted on Thursday 1 st Sept

For more information click here

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Getting tickets.

Most events are absolutely FREE.

Tickets for the Festival Concert, Crossing Continents and Poetry and Music at Rosslyn Chapel are available from the Gift Shop at 4 West Street or on-line

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Music has always been central to the Arts Festival. This year we have two terrific events plus the always-welcome invitation to sing along with Penicuik Folk Club. This year for the first time we are hosting a festival ceilidh in the West Street Arts Centre. To find our more about these events click on the links below:

Festival Ceilidh 7.30pm on Saturday 3rd Sept.


Sing Along with Penicuik Folk Club 8.30pm on Tuesday 6th Sept


Crossing Continents with Alison Cole 7.30pm on Wednesday 7th Sept


Festival Concert   featuring the Corrina Hewat Band at 7.00pm on Saturday the 10th Sept.

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Local artists and friends of the Arts Association have always produced their best works for the annual Open Art Exhibition giving us some great shows in the past. This year there is even more art to view and buy. We are really pleased to be able to put on not one, but two exhibitions of children’s art. These young artists make the future of Penicuik look bright. For more information on any event click in the headings below:

Annual Penicuik Open Art exhibition in West Street Arts Centre


Primary School Children Art exhibition explores the huge theme of immigration, emigration and migration. exhibition in Penicuik library.


ArtSparks exhibition in the North Church – an exhibition by youngsters looking at festival.


Silence, Awareness , Existence-an exhibition of collage work by Emily Beckmann in the Cafe Gallery, 4 West Street.


Bright and Beautiful – an exhibition of paintings and crafts by the congregation of St James the Less Church


Open Studios – come and see where the artists work.

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Rosslyn Chapel is the setting for one of the most popular events in the festival: Poetry and Music in Rosslyn Chapel.

We are delighted that once again Penicuik Writers’ Groups are supporting the Arts Festival and invite you to an open mic night on Thursday the 8th of Sept.  Penicuik Writers Read


This leaves you with a dilemma because also on the Thursday, Jan Usher, a curator with National Library of Scotland will be giving an illustrated talk on the Treasures of South Asia in West Street Arts Centre. Which will you choose?

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Sunday Cinema has a real treat for all movie fans over the festival:

Sunday 4th September – Hamish Henderson is a tribute to the political activist and song writer.

Sunday 11th September the classic 19555 James Dean movie East of Eden will be shown.

Tickets £5 are available at the door.

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PEACE GAMES AT ST JAMES THE LESS – Sunday 4th Sept from 2.00pm

This is an afternoon for all the family to enjoy in the grounds of  St James the Less Church.

Felting with Jenni in Penicuik Library on Thursday 8th Sept from 3.45pm – 5.30pm.  Jenni will help children create their own friendship flags and flags from around the world. Suitable for children 5 years and over

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Where would we be without a “miscellanous” – but we have some great offerings under this heading:

Open Doors at Penicuik Town Hall. An enthusiastic group of volunteers has opened the doors of the Town Hall every Saturday morning for several years. Look out for some interesting exhibitons ther over the festival. If you have never been to one of the Saturday mornings perhaps this will entice you and when you have tasted the cakes and soups on offer you may find that you become a regular.

Guided Walk of  Lost Garden start at 2.00pm on Sunday the 4th Sept from the car park off the A766. Discover this hidden gem of Penicuik. Find out what progress has been made in restoring it and what the plans are for the future.