PCAA Community Christmas Exhibition

People in the community were invited to draw or paint their response to “Christmas” or “Winter”. Because the exhibition was intended for the West Street Arts centre window where space is limited, we asked for art work to be done on A5 card or paper. It was lovely to have a whole Rainbow and Brownie unit offering their work, as well as work from some long-standing artist members of the Arts Association, and from people who haven’t been involved with the Arts Centre before. The result is colourful and festive, with some poignancy – for example, a snowman with a face mask! It’s clear that Christmas Trees are a very important part of Christmas for the young Brownies and Rainbows.

Please scroll through the exhibition here – and you can see it in real life in the West Street Arts Centre Window throughout December and January.

Some of the works are for sale and can be seen again in our Christmas Market – please click here.