Minutes of AGM Thursday 12th June 2014

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AGM 2014

TIME AND PLACE OF MEETING Thursday 12th June at 19.30 hours at 4 West Street
1. Present: Jackie McDonald(chair), Anneruth Strauss (secretary), Brian Miller (treasurer) Jenni Thomson, Sheena Stewart, Margaret Neil, Anthony Edge, David Owen, Barbara Dalgleish, Maggie Macphee, Jan Miller, Heather, Christa Ellis
Apologies from Susan Owen, Eon Grindlay, Christina Sutter, Muriel Dawson, Di Davies, Ken Davies, Doreen Cameron, Susan Gierasik, Mhairi Coyle.
2. Minutes of last meeting Proposed as a true minute by Anneruth Strauss
Seconded by Anthony Edge
3. Matters arising: Item 7 SCHOOL OUTREACH had been discussed at last AGM.
It was noted that in the past year Anneruth Strauss, Di Davies, Susan Gierasik and Jenni Thomson had all been active in promoting crafting to schools and youth movements in Penicuik as part of the Voluntary Arts week and Craft Bombing.
4. Chairs report Jackie McDonald spoke to her written report that had been circulated with the AGM papers. She acknowledged that is had been a difficult year because of the numerous committee changes and she paid tribute to the committee members and volunteers who had remained though the year and always managed to make the enterprise fun. She particularly thanked Mhairi Coyle and Susan Owen who had given good advice and support throughout the year. She was saddened to report that Anneruth Strauss was stepping down from the committee at the AGM. She thanked Anneruth for her continued enthusiasm and her commitment to community outreach. Her talents and enthusiasm will be missed.
Jackie was particularly pleased that despite the difficulties the Association had put on a full programme of events throughout the year including a successful festival in September 2013
A full written report is appended.
5 Secretary’s report Anneruth Strauss gave her report in the form of an audiovisual presentation reviewing the various events throughout the year. This was greatly appreciated by those present

List of events 2013/2014

July Afternoons in the garden including crafts and music from local band Chutney
September PENFEST 2013 including Penicuik Turner Prize, Arts Trail and Open Studios. We also had performances fro Michelle Burke and James Ross, lecture on songs of Robert Tannahill from Fred Freeman and a poetry evening in Rosslyn Chapel with Henry Marsh and friends.
October Sangs and Clatter was organised by Vallah in memory of her late father Mikolaj Januszevicz
November Medieval Night with mead tasting and recital from viol group
Horizontal Sunday
Annual Craft Fair organised by Sheena Stewart

December Hootenany

January Jennifer and Jessica offered an Alternative Burns

February Comedy night

March Tessa Ranford and Kirsty Law
Pennyghael and friends
April Lecture by Andrew Martin on Scottish Authors in Film
May Poetry and music in Rosslyn Chapel
6 Treasurer’s report Brian Miller presented the annual accounts. Brian has only taken over as treasurer recently. The Association has had a difficult time appointing a treasurer in the past year; Sue Owen resigned as treasurer and was succeeded by Stephanie who was in post for 2 months only. Sue Owen stepped in again till Brian took over. Brian has spent considerable time recording the accounts in a suitable format. There have been further problems in that our usual accountant was unable to audit the accounts expeditiously. The accounts presented were therefore not fully audited to the satisfaction of the regulating body OSCR. Brian believed this would be resolved in time to satisfy OSCR. Because of these difficulties he proposed that we appoint a new auditor for next year. This was remitted to the executive committee to action
The accounts as presented showed the Association had a balance in the bank of £7424 at 31st March 2014. The Association had made a deficit of £1688 which was accounted for by a major roof repair cost falling in this accounting year and also the Association had been too late to apply for the Midlothian Council Rent Grant in the appropriate year. This was due to a breakdown in communication at a time when the Association had been between treasurers.
It was noted that the events had made a profit of £988.88 over the year but that a sum of £183.65 had been wrongly allocated to “Inspired by Art”.
Brian will review this sum and allocate it correctly.

7 Membership report Di Davies had prepared a written membership report for the meeting. She reported that membership stood at 104. She urged all members to give an email contact address if possible since communicating by letters had become very expensive.
8 Exhibition report Jenni Thomson reported that it had been a very successful and varied year of exhibitions:
• June 2013 PCAA comes together in art
• July 2013 Aine Divine paintings
• August 2013 Edinburgh City Stitchers
• September 2013 Linda Sheridan paintings
• PENFEST Edinburgh Printmakers’ Union
• October 2013 Jo owell’s Kid’s Class
• November 2013 Jan Miller and Friends
• December 2013 Craft Shop
• January 2014 Review of PENFEST 2013
• February 2014 Helen Rowbotham paintings
• March 2014 Howgate Art Group Mixed media
• April 2014 Creative Penicuikees.
Jenni reported that exhibitions by local groups and artists were better received.
She was thanked for her efforts in coordinating the exhbitions.
9 Craft Shop report Sheena Stewart reported that Craft shop struggled to find volunteers and to stay open. Maggie Macphee said that she had sat in the craft shop for half a day and had no customers. She proposed that the shop reduce its hours of business. This was something that only the craft shop cooperative could decide.
10 Café report Jenni Thomson reported that the café had noted reduced takings since several groups had stopped using the premises because of the difficulties of disabled access. It was noted that the Association was actively looking at improved access and plans for improved access were available for inspection after the AGM. The plans had been drawn up by Ronnie Hope for the Association free of charge.
It was also decided to try and advertise the café more emphasising the home cooking and friendly atmosphere and secluded garden space.
11 Review of Building works The cost of a major roof repair had fallen in this financial year but apart from that only minor repairs had been carried out including 2 minor roof repairs, replacing a water heater in one of the toilets, fitting an outside tap and cleaning the chimney
12 Constitutional changes The Committee had reviewed the constitution as requested by the AGM in 2013 and brought the following recommendations to the AGM:
1 PARA 6C Currently reads “the Executive Committee may co-opt additional members but only (1) to fulfil a specific function or (2) to fill a vacancy created by the retirement of an elected member.
Proposed change to “the Executive Committee may co-opt additional members as they deem necessary to further the aims of the association”
The safeguards concerning the co-option lasting only till next AGM and co-optees forming at most 50% of executive should remain in place
Rational for this change is that an executive of only 8 is too small to run events and efficiently carry out functions of Association; it is difficult to get volunteers for the committee; often volunteers are needed for non-specific functions or they find the function once they have been on the committee for a while.

2 PARA 7
Propose an additional sub-clause to limit the term of office for the chair, treasurer and secretary.
7A) currently reads that the officers shall be elected annually. Propose that the word “annually” be deleted
7C) Officers shall be elected for a term of 3 years. They may stand for a second term of office.
One of the officers should stand for election each year on rotation.
3 The constitution says nothing about changes to constitution nor about what would happen on dissolution and therefore propose 2 additional paragraphs
Any changes to the constitution shall require a two-thirds majority of those present and eligible to vote. Any proposal to change the constitution should be signed by two voting members and submitted to the secretary at least 21 days before the meeting.
In the event of dissolution of the Association any assets thereof shall be dispersed to a voluntary body supporting the arts in Midlothian in a manner approved by the regulator.

The changes were proposed by Anthony Edge and seconded by Brian Miller. No contrary views were expressed in the meeting and the changes were adopted.

13 OPPORTUNITIES TO VOLUNTEER Jackie had produced a paper outlining various opportunities for volunteering with the Association including helping at single events and volunteering to become secretary of the Association. Margaret Neil volunteered to sit with the annual exhibition in September. The others were urged to consider the document and return them to member of the committee. Particular need at present was for an IT literate volunteer and a volunteer comfortable with social networks.
14 ELECTION OF EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE The following were elected to the executive committee:
Brian Miller, Di Davies, Jenni Thomson, Maira Martin, Sheena Stewart, Iain Smith, Judith Mathers.
Jackie McDonald has served 1 year as Chair and according to new constitution is eligible to sit for a further 2 years without re-election.
15 AOCB There was none
The meeting closed at 20.30. The members then had the opportunity to see and discuss the Penicuik Bunting Project which aims to produce a unique bunting outlining the story of Penicuik as seen through the eyes of its inhabitants and friends. Plans for improved entrance and disabled access were also on view. We were entertained by Bethany Halcrow and her friends with a short recital of song and music.
Jackie McDonald




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