Christmas market -information for vendors

This year PCAA is running an online Christmas market. We will open the market online as soon as possible. We will accept items for sale on the site up till the 11th December. If you are interested in selling your work through our website please read the following conditions


All vendors must be members of the PCAA. Membership is not expensive and has many other advantages. To find out how to become a member please click here.


PCAA will not take any fee to show the items on the site but will take 20% of the purchase price as commission from all sales.


Registering as a vendor

Please complete the form below to register as a vendor. We ask for full contact details to ensure we can contact you with ease if necessary. We will not share contact details with any third party.

We ask for your bank details to ensure that you are paid promptly for any sales by bank transfer. If you prefer we can send you a cheque

Putting items up for sale.

Once you are registered as a vendor you can put as many or as few items up for sale as you like. We will accept items for sale up till December 11th.

You should send high quality photographs of items for sale as a jpeg to Photograph quality is generally adequate if photographs are taken by smart phone camera provided the camera is no more than 6 years old.

Photographs should be labelled with your name and title of the article. The accompanying email should contain the following information about each item for sale:

Title of work


Materials used to make

In case of photographs or paintings whether framed or not

How many items the same are for sale. If you leave this item blank we will assume 1 item.

Price per item


All sales must be processed through the PCAA.

Possible buyers will be asked to contact the PCAA who will take the money for the transaction. The vendor will then be informed that their goods have been purchased and will be given contact details of the purchaser. It is the responsibility of the vendor to deliver the goods to the buyer.

We will only accept purchases from UK addresses

All purchasers will be aware that P&P may be added to cost of goods at the discretion of the vendor. The vendor should recover any such monies directly from the purchaser.

The vendor will be paid the purchase price of the goods less any commission ASAP.

Next steps

If you are interested in selling with us please complete the following contact form.

    If you experience any problems with this page please email