Book Week workshops for Primary School kids

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Lets hear your story


words in place – writing space

read it out – yes aloud

who are you? – character true!

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Let’s Hear Your Voice – Share Your Writing



for Primary School Age Children, approx age 9 – 13

Saturday 29 November 2014, at the Penicuik Library

10.30 am – 11.30 am  …&…  11.45am –  12.45 pm

brought to you by “The Mysterious Team”

who published “The Penicuik Epic”

83 stories written by children from 5 Penicuik Primaries

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words in place – writing space

read it out – yes aloud

who are you? – character true!

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Lets find your friend


words in place – writing space

read it out – yes aloud

who are you? – character true!

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11.45 am – 12.45 pm

Performance Workshop

(for max 12 children)

led by local writers and amateur actors Sara Innes, Peter Macnab, Zoe Furnivall, and others from the Pentland Writers and the Inspired Writers

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We will bring your stories to life with you through performance style reading and acting. Bring what you wrote, either in the workshops with Janis or elsewhere, and together with your own ideas and our team we will explore how to best make your stories be heard or seen.

We will have the opportunity to perform them for Crystal FM, and could also publish them on youtube.

This workshop can be a fun one-off workshop, but it can also be followed up by more radio recording sessions in the Crystal FM studio if you wish to have even more fun!

All writers here have been involved with making the magical “Penicuik Epic” happen, where over 80 children from Penicuik wrote stories, illustrating and reading them too. Find out more about it here.


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10.30 am – 11.30 am

Creative Writing Workshop

with author Janis Mackay

(for a maximum of 24 children)

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Bring your pictures of Penicuik and we will use these as inspiration for our creative writing.

After the success of the creative writing competition for children on the theme of writing a myth for Penicuik, “The Penicuik Epic”, we are again giving children of the town an opportunity to come along, make up stories and try their hand at creative writing – led by award winning children’s author Janis Mackay.

When Janis lived in the north of Scotland – by the sea, she wrote books about the sea and shore and magical world under the ocean waves. she likes finding inspiration from the places she lives. On this Book Week workshop we will take the theme of Penicuik a bit further – and see if you could find inspiration for new stories from the place you live. If you have any pictures of Penicuik bring them along – or photos of yourself in or around Penicuik. Pictures can be a good way in to creative writing. We will play with our imagination and turn the town and the surrounding countryside into story land. The workshop will be fun, and suitable for those who like writing, and also for those who maybe don’t like writing – but think with a bit of encouragement they might!


Find out more about Janis here . 


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11.45 am – 12.45 pm

 ‘Developing Characters’

creative writing workshop

( for max 12 children)

led  by local author Anita John, from the Pentland Writers[/vc_column_text][vc_separator type=”normal” position=”center” circle_position=”circle_center”][vc_column_text]

Great stories have great characters. Come along and develop your very own story character with local writer Anita John. What does your character look like? Which food do they really hate to eat? What have they got in their pockets? These are some of the questions we’ll ask of our characters. Come along with a character from a story you’ve already written or create a brand new character from scratch. Bring a pencil & paper and be prepared to have fun!

Anita writes stories for adults but all of her stories are told through the eyes of children. Her first book “Child’s Eye” was published in 2013. She is also part of the Mysterious Team publishing ‘The Penicuik Epic’.

Read more about Anita here .


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To book your free place: follow the “Add to Cart” through above

Or go to the Penicuik Library, Carlops Road, EH26 9EP or call 01968 664050

& share the info:

Download A4 Poster here or the double sided info sheet here

for any queries: email or call Ruth 07818 061918

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