A new beginning


bareback and bridleless: us!
bareback and bridleless: that’s us!
Street fair day today in Penicuik. Let’s have the sun shine as this day marks a new beginning.


The Penicuik Community Arts Association has had a glorious and a tough summer. Tough because it was glorious in terms of the few intrepid volunteers working round the clock for days on end – through many ups and downs – to get through a steep learning curve to set up this website, to tie up the bits and bobs from the Brightening Penicuik Craft bombing project in May, have an AGM, to organise a glorious line-up for Penfest 2014, and to run the marathon called the Penicuik Mystery Epic com book launch project, a writing competition involving 82 kids from 5 Penicuik Primaries. All projects which had been started months ago, so could not be dropped when some core volunteers had to leave the small team. What was especially tough was that our regular newsletter had to be dropped, as there was no hand or hour free to do that.  …  We are very sorry to have had to let our members and friends down that way, and we hope you will understand, and be with this little gem, as Zoe called it so rightly in her blog, all the way.


Which brings us to another reason why we are at a new beginning today: as hoped for, the first blog entry of this new, and still in some places more rough than ready website, has been made by a fresh and vibrant voice stepping into the gap of blog editor! Zoe launched this blog as what it is intended to be – a space for the voices and stories of the PCAA’s members and friends as well as a space for PCAA general updates. Over the last months these updates had been confined to the PCAA and Brightening Penicuik pages of facebook. Thank you, Zoe, for getting us launched here. We are looking forward to hear and read more of your blogging here now.
white horseWhy are some people finding it easier than others to donate their time and skills to a voluntary arts project? Could it be that the notion and practice of giving in  freedom, one’s time and skill is actually keeping the world going round, especially in our day and age? Could it be that the key to Creating per se is freedom, and that the thrill that comes with wrestling time and art creation  from one’s tight timetable is reward enough, and is even victory, as one stretches and stretches like a thorough-bred race horse taking that last double bar set of hurdles?


Right, better get ready for bed, as street fair is today, and there are still a couple more of Penfest 2014 posters needing creating, so that you, the people and friends of Penicuik, may be enticed to spread the word and come to as many events as possible, as well as feel positive about and eager to put your name down for a wee shift of this or that, just for the fun and the love of it. And also to learn new skills and meet creative people. Please feel free to get in touch to see a detailed list of volunteering options available at present, from social media promotion to exhibition organiser!


penfest allTalking about creative people: why not sit down with a cuppa or glass and nibbles and browse through the footage of previous art festivals which many volunteers have offered to Penicuik over the years? Can not be compared with Edinburgh of course, but is quite something for an independent, not-for-profit venture in terms of providing quality and easy access art and crafts!


It is autumn 2014 now. It is a historic year where art, Scottish Art gets celebrated, and the connections with people and place.  And here in Penicuik, with the rich Penfest program in your hands, why don’t you make a new connection with your local arts festival?


over now to Zoe again, who is doing just that 😉


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