December news bulletin


Welcome to our last newsletter of 2015. We wish all our readers a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous 2016.




Traditionally this time of the year is a time for reflection. Over the past year there have been some fantastic and varied events in the centre ranging from the Annual Penicuik Turner Exhibition which was of a very high standard this year, to the Yarn Group meeting every week for help and encouragement. Concerts have included Wendy Carle Taylor way back in January and the Roxburgh String Quartet in November  with some amazing musical events in between. The challenge for 2016 is to continue and increase this level of activity. To do this we need volunteers; so if you have enjoyed the programme in 2015 and would like to continue or improve it we would very much like to hear from you. Volunteering may be as little as helping with an individual event on the night or as much as joining the committee. We particularly need a treasurer and somebody with IT skills to help with our website. All help, no matter how little or how much, is appreciated.

For further information, or to volunteer, phone Jackie on 01968675661 or email

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But 2015 is not yet over and we have our party to come. This is a free event and includes a light supper, with the usual donations bar. The payback is that we would like to hear your party piece; a song, joke, poem, dance. This has proved very popular in previous years and be assured there is no compulsion to perform. Many folk just come for the good company and to be entertained.

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Mariah Carey has not yet said she will come to the Hootenanny – but she doesn’t know what she is missing

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There is a special event for children starting at 5.00pm in the cafe. This is led by Jenni Thomson and includes games, crafts and lots of fun.

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The Craft Coop who run the upstairs craft shop have their annual exhibition in the cafe gallery in December, from Monday (afternoon) 5th December until Saturday 19th December. Don’t miss the opportunity to see the range of hand made items at very reasonable prices for those last minute Christmas presents.

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beautiful scarves by Maimie Munro, as one of the many quality crafts you will see

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This will be an exhibition of art work by friends who met at St James the Less church and will include new works by popular local artist David Owen. The opening is Sunday the 3rd January from 2.00pm till 4.00pm and all are welcome. What a great way to beat those post-holiday blues and to meet up with friends before the routine of 2016 kicks in.

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Storytelling by James Spence.

Friday 29th January at 7.30pm

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It is a long time since we have had a story teller and we are really looking forward to hearing James as he reads from his new book of Borders Folk Tales.This is a lively and diverse selection of borders tales, both tall and true, ancient and modern, dark and funny. You will hear about Tam Lynn, Thomas the Rhymer and Michael Scot the Wizard and many other characters.

The readings are suitable for adults and older children.

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Annie Patch and Graham McDonald in concert

Saturday 27th February at 7.30pm

Two popular local musicians will be entertaining us in February with an evening of song from all genres. More information in the next newsletter.

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Cafe closure

Note that our cafe will be closed for a midwinter break from 4.00pm on Saturday the 19th December and will reopen at 12.00pm on Monday the 4th January 2016.

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